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Reviews we have received in year 2014

My fiancé and I went to Italy over the holiday season and ended up booking Blue Italy Tours. I had been to Rome before and used a walking tour group. I didn't have the best experience (crowded, too fast-paced, and a guide who seemed miserable that he had to actually do something) and wanted to do something on my own.

My fiance insisted on booking a tour and we ended up using Mamma Mia since it was private and we wouldn't end up stuck in a huge tour group. We ended up having a great time. There was just my fiance and I and one other couple. The guide was so personable and knowledgeable. He was engaging and fun and definitely added more little tidbits and fun facts we wouldn't have gotten from some other huge tour group guide. It was more like having a local friend show you around.

We were able to see all the main sites but also got off the beaten path which couldn't be done in the other crowded tours. The whole experience was just a great time from start to finish. We saw and did a lot in a short amount of time, but it didn't seem rushed at the same time. I’d definitely recommend Blue Italy Tours, especially to any first timers visiting Rome.

Dave P. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Travelling to a new country can be as intimidating as it is exhilarating. imagine having family members who know the city inside out and are as excited to share it as you are to experience this new culture. Touring with Blue Italy Tours completely felt this way.

I toured many places and have grown tired of tour guides who are going through the motions, eager to move you on to the next place so they can get done. These guides are legitimately delighted to engage you in every part of Rome. They will give you time to linger and soak in the places that most spark your interest rather than trying to fit you into the cookie cutter tourist mold.

I was intrigued by the catacombs beneath the city, especially drawn in by the bones of the Capuchin’s Crypt and wanted to spend a little extra time, the guide was happy to share the stories of this exclusive site.

My traveling companions preferred something a little less subterranean and so we went again with the Blue Italy Tours to the Tour of Trastevere, I cannot say enough about the charming ways in which our guide brought the folklore of the city to life. It felt as if we were transported to an older Rome as our guide led us through the winding cobblestone streets. I’m a sucker for cobblestone, it feels so authentic and looks so beautiful but you’ll need a good guide to find some in Rome.

If you love art and architecture take the time to admire the mosaics of the Santa Maria’s façade. If you like being shuttled from place to place like cattle then call someone else, but if you want to feel at home in the city while still feeling t he wonder, call Blue Italy Tours!

Brian T. Lowell, Massachusetts